Path: rsConf.phrases
The phrases section defines the translation of labels that are used in the user interface. Each supported language is defined in a separate object, defined by its five-letter countrylanguage code. For languages that have identical phrase sets a function can be used to return the language which serves as the basis for the current language, in order to avoid redundant entries.

window.rsConf = {
	phrases: {
		en_uk: {
			play: 'Play',
		en_us: function() {
			return this.en_uk;

Or, alternatively, if you want to do this programmatically:

window.rsConf.phrases.en_us = function() {
	return window.rsConf.phrases.en_uk;

We will not list every single phrase, but we use American English, en_us, as the basis for all other languages. Consequently, en_us lists all phrases that are available for use.