Path: rsConf.general

Settings that affect the service in general.

  • cookieLifetime

    Path: rsConf.general.cookieLifetime

    Default value: 360 000 000 (~ 4 days)

    Description: How long the settings cookie should survive on the user’s computer, expressed in milliseconds. The default setting is just over four days. Set this to null in order to use a session-only cookie that is not stored on the user’s computer after the browser closes. Note! Some browsers have functionality for restoring previous sessions when starting. This might cause session-only cookies to be restored as well. This is something that is handled entirely by the browser and is not something ReadSpeaker can control.

  • cookieName

    Path: rsConf.general.cookieName

    Default value: ‘ReadSpeakerSettings’

    Description: The name of the main cookie that will be used to store users’ personalized settings.

  • defaultSpeedValue

    Path: rsConf.general.defaultSpeedValue

    Default value: 100

    Description: This is the default speed value sent to ReadSpeaker. This value is equal to the medium speed setting. Slow will be 25 units lower, relative to this default value and fast will be 25 units higher.

  • domain

    Path: rsConf.general.domain

    Default value: ‘’

    Description: The domain that is used for the calls to the ReadSpeaker servers.

  • popupCloseTime

    Path: rsConf.general.popupCloseTime

    Default value: 2000 (= 2 seconds)

    Description: Determines the amount of time the popup will be visible when the user has selected some text. Expressed in milliseconds.

  • shadowDomSelector

    Path: rsConf.general.shadowDomSelector

    Default value: null

    Description: To enable reading content from a shadow DOM, it needs to be defined in the general.shadowDomSelector configuration. The value should be a selector string, that points out all shadow root elements that should be included in the reading. Any shadow DOM that can't be matched by this selector will be ignored.

  • subdomain

    Path: rsConf.general.subdomain

    Default value: ‘app’

    Description: The sub-domain that is used for the calls to the ReadSpeaker servers.

  • syncContainer

    Path: rsConf.general.syncContainer

    Default value: ‘default’ (font in IE and rs:span in other browsers)

    Description: Sets the type of element the sync tags will use. By default <font> is used in Interner Explorer and <rs:span> in other browsers.