What cookies does webReader set and what do they do?

WebReader sets two cookies:

  • An initiation cookie that determines whether or not to load the scripts on page load. This cookie has the name "_rspkrLoadCore" and is a session-only cookie. The cookie is set after the service has been activated, ie when you have interacted with the player.
    The use of this cookie is so that we know that the user has activated the service on a page. This way we'll automatically load in the ReadSpeaker scripts when the user navigates to a different page, so that the user will get audio quicker.

  • A cookie that is set if you change a setting in the settings menu. This cookie is by default called "ReadSpeakerSettings", but can be changed by configuring "general.cookieName". The cookie has a default lifetime of 360000000ms (ie about 4 days) which can be changed with the configuration "general.cookieLifetime".
    The use of this cookie is so that the users individual settings are saved, so that they do not have to re-do their settings on every page they navigate to.

Additional cookie questions:

Q: What information is collected through the cookies?
A: No data is collected.

Q: Which third parties use the cookies or the information that has been collected through them?
A: No third party cookies are used.